What is “Build the Best SynthaSite?”
The Build the Best SynthaSite award honors the top Web site built using SynthaSite technology.

Who can enter?
Any individual, organization or company who has built a Web site using SynthaSite is welcome to enter from anywhere in the world. This is a truly global competition.

Does synthasite have to be a part of the URL, or can it be a site built with synthasite and used with our own domain?
No, as long as the website has been built using SynthaSite.

What kinds of Web sites are eligible?
In any industry, field or category, we are accepting a very broad range:  personal, small businesses, non-profit, educational institutions, and everyday people. If the Web site was built using SynthaSite, we want to hear about it. However, Web sites that are lewd, obscene, pornographic, in violation of our Terms of Service, or disparage SynthaSite will be disqualified at the Sponsor’s sole discretion.

Am I required to submit my entry on your application form?
Yes. You should apply online at:  http://bestof.synthasite.com/index.php

To enter, do I need to do anything besides fill out and submit the online nomination form?

No. However, SynthaSite may highlight a subset of the finalists with extended profiles that are accompanied by a high-quality, 300-dpi headshot. It might be prudent to create that picture soon, if it does not already exist.

Confirmation that your entry has been received is not necessary if you have used the online nomination form without difficulty and clicked the Submit button without receiving an error message. If you experience technical difficulty, please contact SynthaSite.

What sort of supporting documents should I send?

That's up to you. We don't require supporting documents but please feel free to send them if they'll help explain or bolster your Web site application. You can send supporting documents as an e-mail attachment to Best of SynthaSite.

I have several Web sites. Can I submit more than one nomination?

Yes, but please use a separate form for each entry.

What's the deadline for entries?

November 30, 2008 (11:59 p.m. PT). We will not consider applications arriving after the deadline.

Is there a fee to enter?


How will the winners be chosen?

SynthaSite will assess all the applications and then post the most promising Web sites to our contest site, where YOU (the public) will vote.

In determining the finalists, we check to see whether the application is complete, and whether the Web site has a focused purpose, pleasing visual appeal, innovative use of widgets, and how much Web traffic the nominated Web site gets.

When do you inform the finalists and winner?

Finalists will be contacted during the week of December 1. Winner will be notified on the day of announcement, currently scheduled for January 5, 2009.

When does public voting begin?

Public voting will be open for two business weeks -- beginning December 8, 2008 and closing December 19, 2008. Please place your vote at: http://bestof.synthasite.com/vote-for-the-winner.php

Will I be notified if our company’s project doesn’t win?

No. We cannot provide individual explanations of why a certain nominated Web site did not receive an award. We hope this FAQ provides you with an understanding of the types of projects our judges favor.

What's the prize?
Fame for all nominees. Nominations will be listed on the contest-specific SynthaSite page.  In addition, we will honor the winner by featuring the Web site on the SynthaSite company site, in the company newsletter and include it in SynthaSite CEO Vinny Lingham’s blog.

The winner will also win: 1) a search engine optimization lesson with Vinny (great way to increase your site traffic), 2) $1,000 USD, and 3) have access to a high-resolution Best SynthaSite logo, which can be used for promotional opportunities.

Is there an award ceremony?

Not at this time.

What is your best advice to applicants?

Make sure your application is complete and that the nominated Web site has a focused purpose, pleasing visual appeal, and innovative use of widgets. We will also be looking at how much Web traffic your Web site gets so make sure your friends, family, colleagues, and customers are visiting your site!

Still have questions?

Please post any questions pertaining to the Build the Best SynthaSite awards to the Synthasite community.
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